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Album Description
Album titled; Otherworldly Paradise is the sole creation of Greg Stevenson, every note and articulation expressively played straight from the heart. Also featuring Sara Stevenson (harmony vocal) on various tracks such as Spirit in You adding that 'angelic' touch to a melodic love song. Other songs; Stars Above, Another World and Evolution Rise will take listeners on a journey to an otherworldly paradise.

Music Description

Strong melodies and intricate harmonies based on Pop-Rock and Electronica genres. All songs written by Greg Stevenson. Representing decades of experience in regards to songwriting, performance and recording. Every note and articulation expressively played from the heart and with care in capturing that vibe faithfully.

Lyrics based on benevolence, egalitarian principles and achieving greatness not just for oneself but also for the betterment of all life and the environment. All religions began as a cult, some religions have a dark history (i.e. wars, torture) and also continues to unnecessarily suppress freewill. Today there are billions of humans living in poverty, most humans are working poor, the divide between rich and poor grows alarmingly wider all whilst wars continue to threaten all life. The biggest threat to Earth is not total world devastation by asteroids, it is malevolent humans hell-bent on causing an apocalypse, total cataclysm of Earth. We are not alone in the universe, other more intelligent life-forms exist. God is the grand architect of the universe, the cradle of all life. Freewill, equality and quality of life is a universal right for all and most importantly to do no harm, benevolence is the right path for humankind.

Genre Description
Pop / Electronica.  Solid beat, melodic and interweaved harmonies. Repertoire features a variety of different tempos from ballads to fast-tempo (dance) along with a fusion of other styles such as; Pop-Rock, Electro-Orchestra, RnB and Trance.

Music Influences / Interests
All styles of music from Classical to current genres including; Metal, Rock, Pop, Synth-Pop, J-Pop, K-Pop, Electro-Pop, Electro-Country, Electro-Orchestral, EDM and Trance. Including music for jingles, movie trailers and soundtracks.

Biography - Excerpt
Greg Stevenson started on piano at age 3. Began writing songs from age 12 and joined a music youth group by age 13 with proceeds donated to charities. Formed his first 5-piece band at age 17 and in later years formed another band that headlined live at major venues and outdoor music festivals -- including support act for legendary bands such as; Blood Sweat and Tears (1989 Venue: Sweethearts, Cabramatta, NSW, AU.) Interviewed on SBS-TV in regards to music video co-production, music aired nationwide on ABC-TV Rage. Solely relies on creative ingenuity to achieve great results on a low budget. Sacrificed school lunch breaks and other activities purely because of his love for music.

Songs, Performances & Recording
All instruments, vocals, arrangements, recording, mix and mastering by: Greg Stevenson. Songs written by: Greg Stevenson. Several tracks feature Sara Stevenson additional harmony vocals.

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